FREE Webinar: Boost Your Bottom Line with Social Media


Boost Your Bottom Line with Social Media

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“Breaking Down the Barriers to Blogging” presented by Laura Duggan and Patrick Birdsong on Thursday, February 25th at 1 pm ET, 10 am PT.

Social Media–everybody’s doing it! But before you cave into peer pressure to try Facebook or Twitter, or even if you already have, let Top Selling Agent Laura Duggan and Patrick Birdsong show you their proven techniques to boost your bottom line with social media! This dynamic Baby Boomer and Gen Y duo will share practical examples of how they use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to increase leads and their overall business–and how any real estate agent can do the same regardless of age or technical background!

In this Webinar, Laura and Patrick will share secrets like how to:

  • Configure your social media accounts
  • Use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to build your real estate business
  • Integrate social media into your busy schedule with time-saving Twitter and Facebook apps
  • Leverage social media to increase leads and sell more homes

About Laura

Laura Duggan is the owner and broker of West Austin Properties, a second generation real estate firm in Austin, Texas. Says Laura about her real estate practice: “As a third–generation native with 30 years of experience, I am uniquely prepared to represent both buyers and sellers in the purchase or sale of a home in any price range. Doing relocation work is also a passion, by connecting clients and their families to meet every need…I have a strong network of real estate friends all over the world, so I can also refer clients and friends when they are seeking property almost anywhere.”

About Patrick

Patrick Birdsong began working in the real estate business at a very early age. Growing up in his father’s office in his hometown of Lake Jackson, Texas, he learned the practice of giving clients highly personalized service built one referral at a time; caring about clients as if they were family. Patrick is the first of two second–generation Realtors in the Birdsong family. Patrick is a graduate of the University of Texas and during his time there he began working with Laura Duggan, broker–owner of West Austin Properties learning everything there is to know about Austin and Central Texas from a third–generation Native Austinite. He also gained valued knowledge about the business of real estate, rounding out a first–class, hands–on style of education. Since then, Laura and Patrick have become business and marketing partners. He has also continued to purse his real estate education by becoming an Accredited Buyer Representative, a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and Transnational Referral Certified professional.

You can read more about Laura and Patrick at

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3 thoughts on “FREE Webinar: Boost Your Bottom Line with Social Media

  1. That would have been a great webinar to go to. I just started to really get a web presence with my new real estate website. I kinda wish that they would have talked about how personal websites gain leads from those sites. Not big yet on twitter or facebook, but thats because I feel like those sites are overused.

  2. Sorry you missed it Laura, but don’t worry. You can download any previous Secret of Top Selling Agents™ Webinar here:

    If you don’t see Laura and Patrick’s ready for download yet, it will be up soon. Plus, there are many other past webinars that you can download for FREE. While you’re on the site ( you can also check out our blog, which also is a Q & A section on the most recent webinar.

  3. Oh no! I just found out about your webinar via Twitter and I missed it by a couple of hours! Shoot. Will you be doing it again or re-playing it anywhere for those of us who missed it?