Increase Your Social Media ROI

Recently we outlined important reasons for why you need to increase your social media efforts on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Everyone wants to achieve the best results from the least effort—that’s how you make a profit, after all—but a simple way to apply this concept to social media is to use applications that will post one piece of information to multiple social networking sites. For example, you can link your tweets (Twitter updates) to your Facebook status through an easily-accessible Facebook application. Other clients such as HootSuite or TweetDeck allow you to update multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace simultaneously from the web or your mobile device.

Another tip is to include a “Share on Twitter” or “Post to Facebook” link, typically at the end or beginning of an article or entry on your blog or social media account. In fact, listings on detail pages are an excellent example. Each real estate listing on includes a link to share on Facebook. Learn how here.

In addition to using efficient means of posting to your social media and sharing your posts, one of the most important concepts for successful social media use is having a balance between personal and professional posts (unless you have a Facebook “fan page” and not just a profile). Research shows that consumers trust people, not ads. If your audience feels like you are just trying to advertise to them, they may start to ignore your message. You also need to have a balance between posting too often and not posting enough. If you overwhelm your friends or followers, they may end up deleting their connection to you. On the other hand, if you never update they will never remember you are there. While it may take time to find the best balance for your audience, when you do, you will see the benefits!

As important as the frequency and content of your posts is when you post. Research from June 2009 (source) indicates that people tweet the most in the afternoon during the week, with a spike on Thursdays. This research also indicates that there is a significant decline in tweets on the weekend. If you want people to read what you are tweeting, make sure you tell them at a time when they are actually there to read it. In fact, if you know that you need to tweet at a specific time and already know you can’t, there are many programs online made for scheduling tweets, a few of them can are listed here.

Facebook, however, is very different. People are spending more and more time logged into their account with the average Facebook user logged in for over four hours. Also, new statistics show that 26% of all Facebook users access it from their mobile phones so they are logging on even more (source). So, use a client or app that updates Twitter and Facebook simultaneously, and you will increase the chances that you’ll reach both groups!

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