Real Estate Agents: 5 Tips to Succeed at Social Media

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We’ve discussed many real estate agent and broker tips for social media on this blog already, but with the continued popularity, it’s becoming more and more important to stay active and relevant. How is your social media strategy performing? Are you struggling despite putting forth your best efforts? Don’t worry, here are 5 simple tips to get going in the right direction.

1. Create a plan. Just like other parts of your business, you need a plan for social media too. What are you trying to accomplish with your social media strategy? Are you looking to interact with your local community? Do you want to meet prospective clients? Or maybe you want to just drive traffic to your website? Whatever your strategy is, make sure your efforts are designed to achieve the best results.

2. Content, content, content! This may be the most important tip. In order to engage with others via social networking, you must have fresh, relevant content to peak their interest. The battle is always quality versus quantity, but you must listen to the community and provide interesting content that will prompt them to interact with you.

3. Don’t delegate everything to your assistant. Social media is a personal tool. Everyone has their own unique opinion, and there is no better way to convey your expertise on the real estate industry or your local community than putting it in your own words. Granted, social media is not something that a real estate agent can devote 100% of time to, especially with the many day-to-day activities required for successful real estate agents; however, the agents who do succeed are personable and enjoy communicating and building relationships via social networking.

4. Create and listen to your community. Step 1, build your social media community. Step 2, listen to your social media community. As we mentioned above, it’s important to provide fresh, relevant content to your social media community, but it’s most important for you to actively communicate with your following. Make sure you reply to your followers, re-tweet local information and links, seek out others actively looking for information, and “like” local events and topics. Social media sites are more than just a free forum to advertise your real estate listings. While it might spark more interest in your properties, it will not aid you in building your online community.

5. Post and interact frequently. Except that it is a mostly free medium, social media is just like any other forms of advertising, the more you put into it, the more return you will see. A good practice for staying proactive is to set aside 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening that is completely dedicated to using social media. This way, you are guaranteeing that for 1 hour everyday, you are actively seeking and participating in social media activities. Just by increasing your daily activity, you should see an increase in your social media community.

What are your favorite social media activities? How have you built your social media community? Let us know in the comments below.

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