Agent’s Guide to Q&A Sites


As we mentioned in our ‘A Little Less Talk, A lot More Action’ post, Q&A sites are critical for real estate agents to take their marketing efforts to the next level. In addition to providing more information about your services, you will be able to connect with homebuyers and sellers who are active inside your market, generate leads, build your reputation and cross link to your website (which is great for SEO).

Now that you know the benefit of being on these sites, next is the how? That’s why we are offering real estate agents a guide on how to provide helpful answers on Q&A sites. Check out our tips below:

  • Know the expectations of the audience you’re responding to – some questions require in-depth answers while others do not. Be sure you are responding to all necessary points, but without being too lengthy.

  • Just like in relationships, first impressions are crucial! The first sentence you state needs to immediately grab the reader. You will be able to support your statement and facts later in the answer. But with a large quantity of people responding, you want your answer to stand out.

  • State your expertise. When answering a question, state your qualifications that would establish you as an expert. Let readers know why your response should be trusted; this will also help confirm credibility in the space.

  • Build a reputation. Building a reputation as an expert on the question and answer site will prove beneficial in many ways. To build your reputation you need to be open and real (human) in your answers. Do not spam on these sites! Consumers will know if you aren’t being authentic and will not engage with you.

Don’t forget, has a questions and answers community. We are helping to make available the tools realtors need to engage with home buyers, sellers or renters. So start by Signing up for a MyHomes Agent Profile today and begin participating!

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