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As a real estate professional, it’s important to learn best practices for achieving the best results from your online advertising. So, we’ve compiled our Top Ten Tips to not only help you better understand Internet leads, but to help you turn more of these leads into future clients!

1. Every minute counts – contact your leads the minute you receive them!

Did you know that over 90% of first-time buyers start their home search online? In fact, with so many buyers searching online, the Internet has made consumers not only seek instant gratification, but expect it.

So what does that mean for you when contacting Internet leads? The quicker you contact them, the greater your chances of connecting become.

Take a look at the graphs below and you’ll notice that:

  • Calling to qualify a lead within the first 5 minutes increases the chances of connecting by 100 times.

  • Likewise, calling to qualify a lead within the first 5 minutes not only increases your chances of connecting, but setting an appointment by 21 times!



2. Answer your phone every time.

Missing a phone call may mean missing a lead. Remember, Internet users are looking for instant gratification, which your voicemail does not provide. Plus, people are not likely to leave a voice message with someone that they have not met, no matter how interested they are. So, make sure to answer your phone!

3. Become a First Responder!

The 2009 NAR Profile of Homes Buyers and Sellers found that 67% of Internet buyers selected their real estate agent because they were the first to respond to their online inquiry. To make sure that agent is you, contact your lead right away. More NAR research shows that the quicker you respond, the better your chances of landing that client becomes.

For more tips on converting online leads, check out part 2 of our “Tips for Converting Online Leads” series as we’ll discuss the non-traditional business of the Internet and help you better understand the types of consumers who search for products online.

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One thought on “Tips for Converting Leads from – Part 1

  1. Great article, you are exactly right. I responded to an email from a prospective listing client in Bristol, VA. I was the first to respond, the other agency told them it was their office meeting day and they would get back with them. I showed them my CMA and marketing plan, asked for a signature and they told me that I was the only Realtor that returned the call, showed up, and they listed their awesome 2 story family home with me. It pays to be Johnny on the Spot. Our firm is focused on improving out lead capture program and the “BEST” First Response possible. With fewer leads, it is in all our agents best interest to be on point and ready to respond. The Buyers and Sellers deserve the quality service.

    PS. We forwarded this article to all our agents.
    Frank Brown
    Highlands Realty, Inc.
    Abingdon, VA