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In part 3 of our “Tips for Converting Online Leads” series, we’ll discuss the types of leads that you receive from online marketing channels. In fact, we’ll breakdown how captures leads and distributes them to real estate agents who advertise with us. Plus, we’ll also give you tips on how to best contact these lead types.

So, let’s continue with the final two tips in our series.

9. Know your lead types! uses many sources to generate leads for our advertisers. That’s why, we feel it’s crucial to include a specific “source” for each lead we send to our advertisers. We also encourage our advertisers to take additional notice to the source of each lead received, as it will tell them exactly what type of lead it is.

Here’s a list of the leads that generates for its advertisers:

  • MyHomes Signups: Voluntary Buyer Leads are generated through our MyHomes accounts for homebuyers and sellers. Basically, in order to save searches and participate in activities on, consumers must create an account. Leads are generated when these consumers check a box that says (verbatim)”I’d like more information on the home buying process from a qualified real estate agent” when signing up for their account.

  • Landing Page Leads: Home Search Registrations are leads generated when a buyer clicks through to an agents landing page from In order to view listings on the agent’s unique landing page, the consumer must create an account.

  • CMA Requests: Volunteer Seller Leads are generated when a consumer fills out a home evaluation form on Typically, these leads are interested in selling their home.

  • Listing Contact Forms: Voluntary Contact Forms are generated when a consumer fills out a contact form that is included with your listings on A message may also be included with these types of leads as the consumer is given the option of sending a personal message when submitting their request.

  • Call Tracking: Each of your listing pages and your banner advertisements on includes a unique phone number in order to track the volume of calls you are receiving from your advertising. With your call tracking number, is able to identify which calls you’ve received as a direct result of advertising with us – a complete measurement of your ROI!

10. Remember, Internet marketing is a long-term commitment!

As you very well know, real estate is not an overnight sale. Even though Internet users seek instant gratification, it does not speed up the process of buying or selling a home. Overall, you may not see a significant return on your online marketing investment for the first few months. But, don’t worry; this is normal for the Internet industry. However, if you follow these ten tips, you’ll have a greater chance of closing more Internet leads!

We hope that you’ve found many useful tips to practice in the field. For more information on converting online leads, you can download our FREE whitepaper Top 10 Tips for Converting Leads from Turn Leads into Future Clients!

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