How to Sign up for a MyHomes Agent Profile

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3 Easy Steps to Sign Up!

Yesterday, we posted a blog explaining MyHomes Agent Profiles, a free real estate advertising solution, offered by To recap, a MyHomes Agent Profile is the starting point for connecting with millions of home buyers searching for real estate properties, looking for a real estate agent and seeking answers to real estate related questions. And best of all, you can sign up for FREE!

In case you missed yesterday’s post, let’s recap a few more of the benefits:

  • FREE Exposure – Become a listed agent in the Agent Directory

  • FREE Branding – Approve client endorsements to show your real estate expertise

  • FREE Leads – Connect with homebuyers in the Questions and Answers Community

So, how do you sign up? It’s simple. Just follow the steps below to add a free real estate advertising package to your marketing budget:

1. Go to

2. In the “What are you” box, select “I’m an agent.”

3. In the “Who are you box,” fill out your contact information. This information is what will be shared with homebuyers who find your profile while searching for real estate agents on

4. Choose a username that you will remember.

5. Click the “Create My Profile” button.

MyHomes TIP: Change your password to something you will remember right away. To change your password, follow these steps:

1. Login to your account.

2. Click on the “Account Setting” tab in the toolbar on the left side of the page.

3. Fill in the required information in the change password section and click the “change” button to update.

You can read more about real estate advertising options from by clicking here, or for more information on MyHomes Agent Profiles, and how you can reach millions of home buyers already searching on, click here.

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One thought on “How to Sign up for a MyHomes Agent Profile

  1. This looks like a great site for realtor marketing and property marketing. It’s unfortunate they don’t have a canadian database. If they do, I wasn’t able to find it.