Top 5 reasons to advertise real estate listings on

Advertising real estate listings on

It’s the beginning of a new year, and much like the beginning of every new year, you have new choices to make for your business, including the important decision of where you are going to advertise your real estate listings online. Much like all other businesses, you want to ensure you’re advertising is getting you the best results for your investment. So, how do you ensure the best results?

Initially, a good starting point is to monitor your current advertising and each of the results separately. There’s no easier way to determine your best advertising investment than by understanding the results you’re receiving from each of your current advertising channels. For example, do you know where you receive the bulk of your real estate leads? Or, do you know which site makes your cell phone ring most frequently? Monitoring each and every real estate lead is a great start to understanding your best results.

But, where do you start when you’re looking to advertise your real estate listings on a new site? First, you need to understand how that site connects you with homebuyers. Next, once you’re familiar with how the site connects homebuyers and sellers with real estate agents, you need to set your expectations. How do you set your expectations? For starters, simply look at how the site has performed over the past year. Did traffic to the site grow? Did the company implement additions to the site to aid real estate agents in connecting with more home buyers? Is the direction of the company moving with the advances in technology?

With these questions in mind, here are the Top 5 reasons to advertise your real estate listings on 1. Reach more homebuyers – FREE. In 2010, launched the Questions and Answers community, which actively promotes interaction between homebuyers and sellers and real estate professionals. Consumers can ask any real estate related question to the community and in return, real estate professionals can sign up to be notified by email when a question is posted in a specified area or topic. Participation in the community is FREE, and real estate professionals can sign up at If you already have a MyHomes Agent profile, check out our 5 Tips for Maximum Results, which will show you 5 simple ways you can connect with more homebuyers on

Join the conversation today! Over 10,000 questions have already been asked since the launch of the community in June of 2010.

2. Mobile search is growing and so are the number of apps! How fast is mobile search growing? In 2010, saw over 6 times the amount of mobile searches performed on the site versus the prior year. In response, in 2010 a lead in mobile real estate marketing by becoming the first real estate site to reach all mobile consumers through a suite of mobile apps. Consumers can search real estate listings via the iPhone, Android and Blackberry applications, or by navigating to our optimized mobile site via their mobile phone. Plus, all real estate listings featured on are automatically feature on all mobile applications and sites.

3. Over 30 real estate partners. In 2010, added to its total number of real estate listing partners. Now, Preferred Agents on can send their hand-entered listings to over thirty of the most visited real estate sites. Agents can also choose which of the sites their real estate listings are featured on, all from advertising their listings on

4. More traffic, more results. Traffic to not only grew in 2010, but visitors were even more active on the site. In fact, visitors to performed 54% more searches for real estate listings than in 2009. In return, total searches averaged over 9 million per month. Additionally, saw a 75% increase in the total number of listings viewed in 2010. So what have we concluded? More traffic to the site has resulted in more activity on, but that’s not all…

5. More leads, more leads and more leads. More traffic typically results in more leads, and 2010 followed that trend for In fact, sent 57% more real estate leads via email and text message to real estate professionals than previously in 2009. This number does not even include the number of phone calls agents receive from advertising their real estate listings. According to our call tracking provider, ATG, delivered a 664% increase in real estate leads via phone in 2010!

If you’re ready to start reaching more local, active home buyers in 2011, start advertising your real estate listings on You can sign up directly online today.

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