Helps Real Estate Professionals go Social

Real estate’s interactive nature provides lots of great opportunities to utilize online marketing. In these spaces, brokers can meet people and brand themselves as well as showcase expertise in a specific area. By utilizing online channels, real estate professionals can use photo and video to share listings, network with a large pool of prospects as well as hone their sales skills. Given the immense value of social media for agents, we want to help by giving tips and ideas., a leading provider of real estate marketing and media services, wants to help real estate professionals go social. The website allows real estate professionals to ‘share’ listings on the portal to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. In addition, we also have a ‘Listing Spotlight’ feature where agents can submit their listing to have it featured on the blog, then shared to our various social networking sites. But agents need to be familiar with how to use social networking sites on their own to complement the enhancements offers. To help, we will be providing a three part series of social media tips and advice for real estate professionals to use to expand their business. Stay tuned for our first blog on Facebook!

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