How-To Use Video in Marketing Real Estate

Renowned speaker and broker-agent Brian Copeland will present a webinar on building your brand through video for the Secrets of Top Selling Agents Webinar on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 . Brian, who is affiliated with Village Real Estate Services in Nashville, TN, is the first documented real estate agent to use YouTube to promote a listing.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Copeland about the role video marketing plays in his real estate business. According to him, “about 20-30 buyers came to him from video marketing in 2009.” That’s a great return on investment from this marketing tactic, especially in addition to the potential referrals he could see!

Before getting into the “how-to” of video marketing, there is one key reason you should know on the value of implementing video into your strategy. And that is because consumers are online and they expect to see real estate professionals there! As we mentioned in our article YouTube for Real Estate Professionals, approximately 84.6 % of internet users in the U.S, viewed online video in December 2010. Just think locally how many individuals that translates to! As Brian so eloquently put it, video is like “sprinkles on the cupcake.” Just like the decoration of the cupcake, it’s meant to complement your existing marketing efforts. And if done correctly video will drive eyes to your business and the services you provide.

Okay, now the “how-to” use video marketing in real estate. If the idea of implementing a full throttle video strategy scares you, think about small steps. If you plan on doing a blog about a neighborhood, do a video about it also. When you have a listing, do a video. Come up with a centralized strategy on how you plan to represent yourself and your listings. Also think about being the news reporter for your neighborhood. You have the opportunity of establishing yourself as the resident expert. Take it!

So what’s the first step Brian recommends for agents implementing video into their strategy? “Storyboarding,” he said. “Decide how your video is going to be played out. Do not start off just talking to a video camera, which would be the number one mistake. Understand scripting, dialogue, the message you want to get across to your audience.”

As we prepare for the Secrets of the Top Selling Agents Webinar with Brian, it’s imperative that you not only understand the positive impact video can have on your business but how to use it to effectively market your services. Brian is a compelling speaker and during the session you will learn tips on how to dive right into an online video strategy! Register for this free webinar today!

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