Free Webinar! “10 Fatal Mistakes Agents Make that Sabotage their Success”

10 Fatal Mistakes Agents Make that Sabotage their Success

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This edition, “10 Fatal Mistakes Agents Make that Sabotage their Success” will be presented by Linda McKissack on Wednesday, August 31, 1 pm EST/10 am PST. Register today!

While Real Estate agents are busy trying to generate business, they are often sabotaging their success by forgetting the fundamentals of the game. Over her many years of coaching agents, Linda McKissack has discovered ten key principles essential to success in real estate. She said, “The basics are what we feel we’ll never forget, but they are often what we forget the quickest, but if agents work these principles again and correct their priorities, they will become very successful. I have seen this over and over again with the many agents I train.”

With essentials such as understanding the key to every business, lead generation or getting rid of all the ceilings you’ve placed upon yourself, your business will become more natural and fulfilling. This webinar is a must for anyone who wants their Business to be as big as it can be, no matter what the market is in any moment.

About Linda Linda began her career as a Real Estate Sales Professional in the mid 80’s. After a not-so-successful start, Linda looked for and found some of the best mentors and practitioners in the industry. She built models and systems from what she learned, and those crucial moves put her on the path to success. Today, Linda’s Real Estate Sales Practice consistently sells over 60 million in Volume and Closes in excess of 375 units each year. The McKissack Realty Group, led by Linda, Jim and Brad McKissack, has been the #1 selling agency in properties sold in Denton County and North Texas for more than a decade. With Linda’s management and contributions, they have consistently ranked in the Top 5 internationally out of 22,000 Keller Williams Agents in sales and production. What is unique about her Real Estate Sales practice is that she is one of a handful of Real Estate Professionals nationally who have converted their sales jobs into a great business.

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The Secrets of Top Selling Agents Webinars are FREE, online seminars where Top Selling Agents™ and industry professionals discuss their methods for success in today’s competitive real estate market. Speakers are not required to promote or any other service as part of this seminar. They speak candidly about how they succeed in real estate. is only a sponsor of the presentation.

Why pay for training? You can’t afford to miss the keys to real estate success presented FREE—the Secrets of Top Selling Agents. Join us live online and via telephone to learn the secrets to build your business in the next Secrets of Top Selling Agents Webinar. Register today!

Jason Parker

Jason Parker

Jason worked for several years in the real estate industry as a licensed agent and member of the National Association of REALTORS. He has an MBA from Florida State University and enjoys writing about how agents can improve their marketing efforts.
Jason Parker

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  1. I would like to attend this webinar but the time conflicts with our weekly caravan. Is it possible that it will be offered on another day or though a filmed version?