Realtor’s Check with your Wireless Provider about Data Usage – Siri Eats it Up!

Real Estate Pros check your phone bill Apple released the iPhone 4 S in April 2011 featuring a new search activated by the phone user’s voice and speaking functions. Apple has really impressed their users with this new function, but Siri uses quite a bit of data.

According to Bloomberg News the iPhone 4 S can use up to 2 times as much data as the model before and 3 times as much as the iPhone 3G. Siri may be to blame for all of this data usage because of how it works and needs to work appropriately. For instance, a user speaks to Siri requesting where the closest bank is located, the voice is bounced back from Siri to the Apple’s iCloud and then transmitted back to your phone when Siri announces her response. What an awesome feature! Just be sure that you have the best phone plan!

More applications that need or use iCloud to function are sucking up a lot of date too!  Don’t blame Siri for all of it. Many service providers aren’t offering unlimited data usage to new customers anymore and that’s when a user’s phone bill could see a significant increase. Keep in mind, some service providers may offer a  “grandfather” option for current customers in that have already been paying for unlimited data. Be sure to contact your service provider to see if you qualify for unlimited data usage based on your past relationship with the service provider and don’t change companies before finding this out – it could save you money!

Agents could really take advantage of having this virtual assistant on their iPhone, but take into account all the expenses you may already have if you don’t have unlimited data usage. Do your research and call your service provider to see what your best plan is for your usage. Many of these service providers can be very helpful, so call today and confirm the best plan for you. Who knows, maybe you could save a little bit a month and put it aside for a little R & R – vacation!

Here are additional wireless provider support links. Even if they don’t have the iPhone yet, look into your data plan before it’s too late! Verizon Wireless Virgin Mobile Sprint T-Mobile Ntelos AT&T Photo: Courtesy of

Joe Sesso

Joe Sesso

Joe is an award-winning author for his book The Foreclosure Revolution, and he has produced investment training manuals and CD sets on real estate, investing and foreclosures.He has been a real estate professional since 2000, and has both a Bachelor's degree and MBA from Indiana University, as well as a Masters of Global Management degree from the prestigious Thunderbird School of Global Management. Joe Currently lives in Chicago.
Joe Sesso

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