Chat Live w/ National Speaker & Tech Expert Joe Sesso April 5 1 PM EST is on Facebook and if you are not a fan yet, we have a good reason why you should be! National Speaker and Tech Expert Joe Sesso is going to be chatting live on our Facebook page on Thursday, April 5 at 1 PM EST, so mark your calendars! This chat is definitely one real estate professionals should not miss.

  1. Do you have a smart phone?
  2. Would you like find out what the best apps are for real estate professionals?

Tech Expert, Joe Sesso will be chatting live on at to answer your questions about the best apps for your real estate business. (Have you read Joe Sesso’s TOP 10 APP Blog yet?!)

In this live chat Joe will:

  • Answer the question “How much is too much?” when it comes to smart phone apps.
  • Answer your questions about how to maximize the real estate apps on your smart phone.
  • He will talk about his Top 10 app list for real estate.
  • Discuss which apps don’t quite make the grade.

This will be a very popular and exciting session, so do come with questions and Joe will be live with answers!

Below are some example questions and answers along with more topics that can be discussed with your initiated questions.  Thanks again for your support and remember we will listen, so keep telling us exactly what you want to succeed!

Q: Are the apps you mention for all types of smart phones? A: No. Apps are serious business today. Because of this, app developers focus their time, money and energy on the platforms that are most popular, namingly iPhone and Android. Blackberry, for example, has never had a great app store. They’ve tried to improve as of late, but their market share is falling so rapidly that developers won’t even waste their time buildings apps for the Blackberry platform.

Q: Are all of the apps you mention free to download? A: No. Most of the apps I will be discussing are free, but some do cost money. I will mention the cost of each app as we go through them in the discussion.

Q: What is the best app(s) to market my listings? A: While there are many different apps to market real estate listings, I truly like the app. It’s available for both Android and iPhone and it not only is the most graphically pleasing app, it also is extremely easy for consumers to navigate. I believe that is most important for a real estate search app.

To join Joe Sesso – Tech Expert and National Speaker follow these steps on April 5th.

  • Log in to your Facebook account and go to our Facebook page dedicated to professionals at at 1 pm EST on April 5th.
  • Locate the Image in this blog and we will announce when the chat has started.
  • Post your questions directly on the comment area underneath the photo and Joe will respond promptly.

If you have any questions about the chat post here under the blog or email Thank you and we look forward to seeing more of your back for our Live Facebook Chats in the future! And remember FREE Webinar April 4th with Barbara Corcoran – sign up HERE!

Joe Sesso

Joe Sesso

Joe is an award-winning author for his book The Foreclosure Revolution, and he has produced investment training manuals and CD sets on real estate, investing and foreclosures.He has been a real estate professional since 2000, and has both a Bachelor's degree and MBA from Indiana University, as well as a Masters of Global Management degree from the prestigious Thunderbird School of Global Management. Joe Currently lives in Chicago.
Joe Sesso

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