Expanding your Real Estate Leads!

As you know every day is a process in real estate and every relationship you nurture in business, can impact the never ending cycle of growing leads. Leads are what your business thrive on and a lead can come a variety of marketing techniques! You can get connected to leads by maintaining your online visibility, impressions you make on past clients and the things they say about you, and just being at the right place at the right time.

Collecting leads are primarily in your control and you can improve the size of your collection by participating is several best practices.   How do you monitor your leads and where are they coming from?  Promoting your name in the some of the areas below is what can make the difference between someone offering you a  referral and you converting them to a qualified lead.

  • Maintain a business Facebook page and interact with your fans daily, while updating them on industry news!
  • Engage in Twitter and interact with industry leaders to leave a footprint of your brand across the web.
  • Join professional networks, for example, LinkedIn. This global network will give your the opportunity to reach out to your current network and build relationships through your connections.

According to NAR Member Profile of 2011 the following groups,  50% or more of their business was through referrals. If each referral starts as a lead from a past client then it is your job as a real estate professional to assure the lead that you are  the best professional for the transaction.

  • Realtors 20%
  • Appraisers 18%
  • Brokers 20%
  • Property Management 18%

Leads are extremely important in your business process. Nurturing your past clients, as well as, expressing genuine concern for them after the transaction is complete is important; reminding them about their great success with choosing you as their real estate professional could be why they refer you.  Here are  some creative ways to remind them about you and say hello.

Handwritten note Email asking how their children like the neighborhood or new school Forwarding them a recent Living Social or Groupon they might like Adding them to your social networks with a personlized message – “Thank you for joinging my network! I’m so glad we were able to find the perfect home for you and your family, please keep me in mind the next time one your friends or family are looking for a place to call home.” Recommend a  restuarant via email  in the area that you have visited recently that they may like, perhaps if it was a large transaction even purchase a gift card to and say “First round of Happy Hour on me!” Develop a seasonal template addressing the client and  reminding them that you are looking to expand your client base and if they have anyone in mind that is looking to sell their home or possibly buy a home in the near future, you have some tips that you can share with them.  Send a link in the email to sign up for a newsletter and say in the email that they can email it to them to get on your email list for more information.

Whether its a lead because someone referred you or its a referral that you are taking the lead on – you want this potential new client to be your NEW client and choose you for the job! If you nurture your past clients and maintain your brand properly by signing up for marketing tools like Homes Connect with functions like Lead Gator – your business could grow more quickly than you think.  Try some of the tips above and see what happens.  Learn more about Lead Gator here and see what Micheal Maher, America’s Most Referred Agent says about referrals and expressing gratitude to former clients here.  These tips and tools could be the reason why your phone calls increase, your inbox fills faster, and after that its up to you to show your niche and close the deal.

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