Social Channels Offer More interacts on many social networks and we engage with real etstate professionals like you!

It’s not only about offering great industry news to you, but what you can bring to us.

You are the field professionals, so we admire your opinions, feedback and interaction as much as we pride ourselves on being able to provide it to you.

Here are some of are social channels that are dedicated to real estate professionals:

Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn:

Benefits of Social Media:

  • Interacting with individuals that have similar interests
  • sharing news articles
  • Dependable place to go for relevant information
  • Opt out option – You can disengage when you like.
  • Broaden your network – meet new people, new leads

Why you should Engage with Social Channels Listed Above:

  • Live Chats. We have various live chats with industry leaders and experts across the real estate a technology realm that could really benefit your everyday workday life.
  • News. Our blog focuses on up to date news for real estate professionals, from agents to mortgage professionals and we like to hear from our readers.  The feedback we gain from readers is what makes our next blog article better than the last.
  • Tips and Resources. wants to offer articles where you, as a real estate professional, can read something and take something away from it quickly.  With that said, we like to provide you lists like Joe Sesso’s Top 10 List and bulleted lists with suggested resources to implement in your real estate business.
  • Photos.  Were you too busy to make a recent trade show?  We will have photos AND articles about what you missed!
  • Videos. will also provide videos at times from the trade shows and for new products!
  • Network.  Moving to a new area or looking for a new agent or lender to work with? Join our LinkedIn network and find professionals across the country.  See the city they located are in, and also evaluate their resume and review their recommendations.

These are only a few reasons to be involved with social media and to engage with  Join us in one or ALL of the above social channels and let us show you what you are missing.  We look for to interacting with you and hearing about your real estate success and having you share your stories with us.  Are there any real estate stories you would like to share with us here?




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