What Do You LIKE About Real Estate? Tell us, and Qualify to WIN $250!


From home showings to closing the deal, we at Homes.com know that there is so much to love about being a real estate professional. But we’d rather not take our own word for it – we want to hear from you!

Homes.com wants to know what you LIKE about being a real estate pro!

  • Do you LIKE interacting with clients and prospects?
  • Do you LIKE helping clients achieve the “American Dream”?
  • Do you LIKE showing homes and properties?

Whatever it is you LIKE about your daily life in the real estate industry, we want to hear about it – all of it! Tell us in one sentence what you LIKE about being a real estate pro and you could WIN some cash!

The first place winner will receive a $250 gift card, and the runner up will receive a $100 gift card to be used how you wish! Be sure to use the word “LIKE” in your entry to qualify to win!

Here is the link to the contest.

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The contest ends on June 8th – hurry and enter while you can. Good luck!

**To participate in the contest you must enter through the contest link, any answers placed on the Homes Connect Facebook timeline will not qualify.**

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16 thoughts on “What Do You LIKE About Real Estate? Tell us, and Qualify to WIN $250!

  1. Real Estate provides me the opportunity to work with a variety of people. I love Real Estate because I love people. Getting to know them, helping them find their perfect home, taking care of the details and making friends for life! It is so gratifying to be of service to others.

  2. What I like best about being a Realtor is the awesome people I have been able to help and get to know, by helping them with such a defining and life opportunity, and how great it feels handing them over the keys to their new home, their future.

  3. There is no job like a Realtor’s job! Hundreds of people at a time are depending on me to find them a home or rental, or to sell their home. Their future lies in my hands. I treat each and every person the way I like to be treated. Responding and fulfilling my clients’ requests and requirements every day is a job like no other! The praise and thanks for all the hard work is what keeps me going. My clients are grateful for me and, in turn, I do so appreciate them!

  4. The best part of being in real estate is when we are at the closing table and I feel the excitement of the home owner/seller or the buyer that a new chapter is beginning their life. It makes all the hard work worth while.

  5. I love it because it takes a big part of You…You have to be positive, flexible, think out of the box, be strong, believe…care about your Clients feelings, budget and situation…believe on them that you would go all the way to make their dreams come true…then happy…I love it because you always are helping the “others”, and they don’t know you but they believe in you…there is a connection, something special…

  6. I like that every transaction is different (the people, the property, the market etc.) and I learn something new in every transaction.

  7. I love that no two days are the same. There is no set routine in real estate and you must be flexible and be able to prioritize. Challenges appear daily that require creative solutions.