Survey Shows What Buyers Want in Their Dream Homes

Have you been wondering what most homebuyers want in their dream home? has your answer!

We recently conducted a survey of potential homebuyers across the country – asking them to let their imaginations run wild, to find out what they want in a family home. The results showed that the American Dream of home ownership is anything but lost; it’s still out there in full force!  As a real estate agent or mortgage lender, it’s good to know what homebuyers desire, so you can better connect with them.  Now, it’s time to share the results with you.

Home buyers in America want: Convenience and comfort. Americans want to feel like  they have everything they need, in their home.  An overwhelming majority of survey-takers said they prefer a single-family detached home in the country with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Talk about convenience! And when it comes to amenities, walk-in closets, en suite bathrooms, and fireplaces – top the list of conveniences that homebuyers are looking for.

Flexible spaces and choices. According the survey, homebuyers want to be in control of how they use their space. Room choices like sun rooms, basements, and screened-in porches allow folks to let their creative flag fly. They want to have the freedom to transform a room to meet their specific needs as opposed to finding a house with specific rooms that are already created to serve a single purpose.

Outdoor amenities. According to the survey, Americans want to enjoy the great outdoors. You can’t go wrong with porches, decks, big back yards, pools, and patios. The more outdoorsy the home, the better.

This survey is just one of the ways wants to help professionals like you and consumers alike in pursuing the American Dream. To see how the rest of the survey breaks down and to take a peek into the mind of the modern-day homebuyer, check out this helpful infographic of the results. 

Have your clients sparked an interest in any of these home qualities? Comment and let us know!

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3 thoughts on “Survey Shows What Buyers Want in Their Dream Homes

  1. I always find it interesting the buyer’s requirements that change from region to region. In the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex some choices are determined by costs and/or the environment. One possible change in our area might be building back screened-in porches because of the rise of West Nile fever. The problem of West Nile fever has begun to be a serious health issue. Parents may be hesitant to cook-out or have children plaay outside in the cool of the evening.

  2. I have found that most buyers in Georgia, also want a house that is move in ready. They do not want to have to do a thing to the house. Buyers today do not have time for fixer uppers, so a house that is sparkling clean, updated, and well maintained will sell quickly if it is also priced slightly below the market.

  3. I am finding buyers are liking the opportunity to buy a home that has 2.5 to 3 baths. Not only does it make a more livable home now, but adds resale stability. Also, today’s 21st Century home, many builders are adding the 3 car garage. It seems to be a added value under one roof line that has not increase the cost of the home that much to the Buyer when they are buying the heated and cooled area of the home that is most used in determining the price psf; by Buyers and the Appraisers alike.