5 Local Directories to Bolster Your Online Reputation

According to the National Association of Realtors, reputation was the second most important factor when choosing an agent.  Consumers are researching online and looking for a good brand presence and strong online footprint via online directories and social networks. The phone may ring a few more times this month because you read this article, so read on to discover more ways to brand yourself online.

Increase your online presence by sharing your brand and contact information within several online directories. The conversion rate for local directory marketing can be up to 50% in some directories, which is significantly higher than traditional advertising like print and radio. That means that you could convert 1 in 2 leads into a potential customer!

Homes.com recommends these five directories in our Search Impact product:

  1. Merchant Circle
  2. Yelp.com
  3. City Search
  4. Superpages.com
  5. Google Places

The links have been provided above to learn more about how you can submit and verify your information for these sites.  Many local directories publish reviews, or testimonials of your work to showcase you as an authority figure and preferred agent in the area. The statistics below support the premise that online directories can assist in lead capture and maintain a better online reputation.  To learn more about how our Search Impact product can assist in building a stronger online branding strategy – email SearchImpact@homes.com or call directly at (866) 697-3308.

Supporting Statistics:

  • Public reviews build trust
  •  70% of local consumers trust  online business reviews   *2010 Bright Local Survey
  • Think of reviews as “Testimonials 2.0”
  • 87% of buyers would probably recommend their agent to others  *NAR 2010 Profile Of Home Buyers and Sellers
**Homes Media Solutions does not endorse any directories mentioned in this blog and lists these for the purpose of providing real estate pros a place to start building their brand online. 

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