You are YOUR Brand – Be Brand Strong Online

With the variety of ways to build your brand online, we decided to make it easy for you in today’s blog. We want to share with your our favorite five ways to build a stronger brand online.

Blogging. Establish yourself as a local expert with blogging. If blogging is included in your marketing efforts and you distribute your content on multiple sites, you will be exposing your brand across the web.  Therefore maximizing your presence and sharing your expertise.  You’ll also begin to enhance your search rankings for local real estate search key phrases. Endorsements. Being active on sites like where we allow you to be endorsed or gain testimonials from your clients can be a HUGE advantage! These endorsements will allow the online community to see how others have succeded in working with you.

Online Community. Speaking of online community…there is another way to participate with  We have a section called Q&A and in this area you can answer questions and engage with consumers and professional about real estate inquiries. Reach out to local online communities and build up a presence for yourself there. Start with Q&A, here.

Social Media.   There are so many social media sites online and many of them are cost free! Pinterest is a new very popular platform now being used among real estate professionals. Take a look here, to see how.  Research where your audience is located, but sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are some great ones to start.

Network.  Again with the “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” You never know who your next lead could be. It could be the cashier helping you check out,  a fellow soccer mom or even your spinning instructor! Be sure to advertise what your services are in a non aggressive manner, so others will look to you with questions when it comes time to buy/sell. Establish yourself within your own networks, and when it comes time for one of them to need real estate advice or possible your guidance in transaction – they may come to you first!


As a real estate pro, which strategies do you find most successful?







Which ways are you practicing?

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