Congratulations Emily Johnson, Real Estate Success Story Contest Winner! asked and you told!  Thank you for sharing your best and most memorable real estate success stories from our contest, “Wanted: Real Estate Success Stories  Reward: $500”.  Your compelling stories very much showed the passion you have for your career and your clients and we still stand by what we said in the beginning of this contest – “Your Success is Our Success.” wishes you more success to come and we are always ready to hear about it. Tell us more on our Facebook Timeline at

Congratulations again to Emily Johnson with RE/MAX Preferred Associates in Raleigh, NC!  This is her winning success story:

“It was one of my first transactions.  My client came to me in desperation.  He was a disabled veteran who had been living in an extended stay motel for over six months.  His wife had died and the day she passed, he left their home with no plan of where he was going.  When he came to North Carolina, he decided to stay.  He worked with several agents before me to find a home, but did not get much help.  He wasn’t looking at large or expensive homes and although he was qualified for a loan, there was still much work to be done.  It was definitely a project.
We looked at several homes and I put him in touch with a lender who took the time to really explain everything with his finances.  We discovered that he would actually benefit from a different loan package, so we cleared everything and began the qualification process again.  We submitted offers on several homes only to find out during the home inspection that there were repairs that needed to be made above and beyond what my client or the sellers were willing or could afford to make.  My client became more and more desperate to find a permanent home.
One day as we were out driving, we found the perfect home.  He fell in love with it at first sight.  I was determined that he get this house.  You could see the look on his face when he saw them home.  For the first time since I had met him, he looked peaceful.  Unfortunately, the home was a foreclosure and I was worried that the loan appraisal would be an issue.  I was right.  The loan approval was contingent on some major repairs being made – here we go again, I though!  We all know that foreclosures are sold as-is and my client was devastated.  I wasn’t going to quit though.  
I called the bank who owned the home.  Despite being told many times that the bank would agree to no repairs, I continued to call until one day I worked my way up to a bank representative who happened to be a veteran.  I couldn’t have done it without him.  But, together, with a little creativity, we managed to get approval for the required repairs and today my client is happily beginning his life again in his new home.  We all say we’re in this business to help our clients achieve the dream of home-ownership.  But rarely do we get to see firsthand the profound effect we have on someone’s life.  The day we closed was one of my proudest moments in my career.”

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