Infographic: Do’s and Don’ts for Promoting Rental Properties

In last week’s blog, “Agents! Cash in with These 4 Money-Making Tips it was suggested that adding rentals to your services would be a huge advantage.  Offer  property owners your services to find tenants or work with investors to buy property, and then turn around and find tenants to rent that property.  Full service agent!

If you’re looking to effectively promote your rental listings, we’ve got some pointers. Our sister site,, created an infographic, “How to Create the Perfect Rental Ad.”  And if you, Mr. or Ms. Real Estate Pro, want to start raking in some more cash this year, you should know these tips too!

Key Features:

Include details that are not in property description. (Garage, Private Yard, Use Key Landmarks for Directions)

Do not Exaggerate

Be Specific

Always include photos of primary rooms including: Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Master

Clutter Free, but a home that looks “lived in”, is a PLUS.

No Flash – Take photos during the day to assure natural look

See more tips, here.

Comment below to tell us how you’re taking advantage of the rental market and the strategies that you have found to effectively promote them.

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