[INFOGRAPHIC:] Spooky Places, Spooky Spaces: Homes.com Top 10 Spookiest Cities in America

In the “spirit” of Halloween, we recently ventured into some of the most haunted areas in America. We recently revealed our Top 10 Spookiest Cities in AmericaPart 1 and Part 2 .   We examined these spooky places and checked out the spooky spaces, and just for you, we looked to see if their housing market was just as scary! Take a look at our Infographic below which highlights these spooky spaces!

Are you listing properties or showing homes in any of these spooky cities? Check out Homes.com or ForRent.com for more information and you may soon find yourself in the “spirit” of Halloween year-round.

Take a chilling tour into these spooky cities now…


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