iPhone 5 Hails and Fails for Real Estate Professionals

The countdown is over and the iPhone 5 has surfaced. Have you made the purchase?  Or are you thinking about it?  Apple sold over five million of these amazing pieces of machinery in just three days! Woah! Did you know that analysts were expecting between $6 – 10 million in sales?.

The iPhone 5 is a major hardware upgrade while the 4S was only a software upgrade.  Not to mention it looks pretty snazzy. The 5 is slimmer and taller with a bigger screen for better viewing. Get ready, it’s the first iPhone to be compatible with 4G, so it’s much faster too!

With all the hype, there are some negatives that real estate agents should be aware of.  Homes.com asked around and did some research including input from our friends at Inman News, and have compiled a list of ” iPhone 5 Hails and Fails”:


  1. Faster: thanks to “Long-Term Evolution” (LTE) network speed and the quickness of in-phone functionality.  This has prompted agents to cut down on iPad use. The larger screen requires users to zoom in less than on the iPhone 4S, which is really convenient for agents to review and prepare contracts.
  2. Camera: the iPhone 5 camera’s speed is also pretty competitive, which makes for some impressive listing photos for your marketing materials.
  3. Powerful: equipped with an A6 processor, this tiny machine is not only faster but also provides TWICE the computing power!  Wowser!


  1. Maps:  Apple put their own maps in the new system versus Google Maps.  Despite the sophisticated look of Apple’s maps, they are not as accurate as others (and even apologized for it!). What do you think?
  2. Small Data Port:  the iPhone 5’s charger is different, so you will need to purchase another adapter.
  3. Battery Life: the battery life doesn’t seem to be much better than the iPhone 4S and several apps and browsers haven’t yet been upgraded to fit the new screen, which is a half-inch longer than the iPhone 4S. Other articles have mentioned that the battery life can be better with the 5 – so in theory, this could depend on your app use and with each owner.
It looks like all of these recent versions, whether you have the iPhone 4, 4S, or now the newest most powerful iPhone, the 5,  you will still get Apple quality and great service. It’s up to you whether you want to upgrade or drop the extra dough on certain utilities, or possibly risk losing some of the stronger benefits with its predecessors.What’s most important to you? Are these hails and fails enough to keep you with your current device? Or perhaps moving on up to the iPhone 5?



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11 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Hails and Fails for Real Estate Professionals

  1. I had the iPhone 5 waiting for me at the Apple store. Changed my mind at the last minute! Stayed with Droid and got a new Galaxy S III. Was the right choice for me. I’ve had an Evo4 and just feel more comfortable using Droid products. Have an iPad for all of my mobile real estate needs. You can’t go wrong with the Galaxy S III if you’re not ready to switch to Apple.

  2. Right before the 5 came out we were warned by our association that the supra ekey would not work with the 5. The adapter is different and the app cannot be downloaded to the 5. They say that it is being worked on.

  3. I have an iPhone 4S and I love it! I will not upgrade to iPhone 5 until my 4S dies. Here’s a quick tip to help other iPhone 4S users: By upgrading to Apple’s new (free) iOS 6 software (which is what the iPhone 5 has), I now have some of the iPhone 5 enhancements on my 4S. My favorite improvement is the new maps program with turn by turn voice directions.

  4. I’m not sure if I will jump into the iphone 5 or get another type of smart phone because of the whole communication issue with Supra key boxes. Why doesn’t Apple just let Supra use their blue tooth which most Supra boxes now work with and that would solve the problem of the adapter and key fob etc. The phone is great except you have to carry around something else to make it work. So close to a good thing. It’s like buying a new vehicle but every time it rains, you have to get out and install an adapter to turn on the windshield wipers!

  5. I have had the new iPhone for about 3 weeks and I can tell you I receive emails and updates faster than my desktop computer that’s hard wired via an Ethernet cable, the phone is blazing fast! I use the Waze app for GPS so maps isn’t an issue. The camera is a big improvement, my only issue is with the new lightning cable, I have to be aware of the battery status and make sure I have my cord with me when I feel I will need to charge. So far I’ve not seen any car charging cords. I highly recommend an upgrade if for nothing else the speed alone.

  6. The adapters are available now. Mine shipped on Monday and arrived Wednesday. I am anxious to activate it now since I am upgrading from a Centro.

  7. I use the 4S and won’t upgrade to the even new iOS 6 until there is a better Map application. I use the Google maps parcel map lines often (they actually show most individual property lines). Besides the phone I would say I use the Map app most often.

  8. If you use your phone as your MLS lockbox key, check with your association before you take the plunge. Before the I-phone 5 came out we checked with Supra and were told it was a supported device. I got mine the day it came out, downloaded the E-Key app and called for my activation code and adapter. I was told that they were running a little behind and that it should be out some time in October. It is now October 17th and still no adapter…