Start Your New Year Off Right with Joe Sesso’s Top 13 Apps

This past November,‘s Joe Sesso presented the “Top 13 Apps for Success in 2013” at the National Association of Realtors Expo in Orlando. The presentation was a huge hit among real estate professionals. If you were unable to attend, don’t worry — we’ve got a video for you, as well as the links to download all of these apps! Get your iPhone, iPad or Android device handy and start installing these as you watch (scroll down to find the links)!

. 1. Mortgage Calculator$ App (iPhone/iPad | Android) Make a calculated real estate search!
. 2. beamr (iPhone/iPad only) Create a glossy listings online magazine in minutes.
. 3. Evernote App (iPhone/iPad | Android) One account, many devices…
. 4. Genius Scan (iPhone/iPad | Android) Turns your device into a pocket scanner.
. 5. SocialCam (iPhone/iPad | Android) Easy video capturing and sharing.
. 6. SnapSeed (iPhone/iPad | Android) Fun high-quality photo editor.
. 7. DocuSign (iPhone/iPad | Android) The number 1 electronic signature app, likely coming to an MLS near you soon.
. 8. Real Estate App (iPhone/iPad | Android) Easy to use property search of over 4 million homes and rentals.
. 9. CardMunch (iPhone/iPad only) LinkedIn app turns business cards into contacts.
. 10. CloudOn (iPhone/iPad | Android) Brings MS Office to your device, with easy sync to Google Drive or Dropbox.
. 11. AwayFind (iPhone/iPad | Android) Never miss an important incoming email again!
. 12. Brewster Address Book (iPhone/iPad only) Merge contacts from iPhone, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, FourSquare and Twitter.
. 13. Postagram (iPhone/iPad| Android) Turn Instagram and Facebook photos into postcards.

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  1. I have always used PC operating with PALM phone. At first they sync with each other. Now the sync doesn’t work. I want to buy a new computer and phone. Would you recommend I stay with PC or go with Apple? My son said to buy a Dell. He is not in real estate. What is your opinion. Do you recommend the cloud for storing? What company do you recommend? Thanks for your help.
    Dixie Wong