Swing on the Vine with Homes.com!

Have you heard about Vine, Twitter’s new video sharing application for iPhones? In recent weeks, this new social medium has blown up in popularity among iPhone users and Homes.com is no exception. We are all about Vine and think you should be, too!

Vine is a video sharing social media app created by Twitter that hosts brief, 6-second videos. Through the app, you can create and view short (6 seconds max) videos, complete with audio, that loop within the news feed, much like a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn feed.


As a real estate agent, there are several reasons why Vine should be the next iPhone app you download.

1. It’s very new. By downloading it and beginning to use it now, you’ll be on the cutting edge of social media technology, which can connect you to your younger, more tech-savvy clients.  Of course, with all new social apps, we encourage you to evaluate this one to determine if it’s a good fit for your social media marketing.

2. Quick and creative marketing. While you can’t produce a large-scale virtual tour of a home with Vine, a quick six second clip is a creative way to attraction attention. Post a quick video to promote an open house. Showcase popular amenities like a pool, wine cellar or fireplace, an exterior shot, the kitchen and master bedroom and scenes from the neighborhood.

3. Promote your brand or office with highlights from your community. For example, Sea Coast Advantage, a Coldwell Banker office in Wilmington, NC made a quick and creative post at the beach by writing their name in the sand as waves crashed against the shoreline.

4. Film special events like a new homeowner closing the deal or entering their new home for the first time, or sticking a “SOLD!” sticker on a listing sign.

5. Before and After scenes. Also, because you can take as many shots as you’d like, you can create a “stop-motion” video using really short shots, almost freeze frames. You can create a time lapse video to show off before and after scenes of a newly staged room or a kitchen renovation.

Are you on Vine yet? We can’t wait to share with you and see what comments you have for our videos! Download Vine here and follow us – HomesPro! If so, do you use it for your business, personal, or both? 


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