Home Prices See Biggest Increase in 7 Years


As the housing market continues to come back around, more and more statistics are surfacing that give us hope for the future. According to our friends at Inman News, things are definitely looking up. CoreLogic’s home price index is dishing out some encouraging news – home prices are up significantly!

According to CoreLogic, home prices were up 0.7 percent in January from December. While that may not seem like a huge month-to-month increase, consider this: January’s year-over-year home prices made the biggest jump in seven years – national home prices were up in January by 9.7 percent from a year ago. This is the biggest increase since 2006.

CoreLogic’s home price index got these impressive findings by following the repeat sales of single-family homes.

Higher home prices means more confidence in the real estate market. For you, this means more people may be searching the internet to find a good, reliable real estate professional to help them find their dream home. Is your online reputation up to par? Will homebuyers find the best version of you there is to offer when they hit the search engines?

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