[Infographic]: Home Buyer Search Habits

Spring is here!  Birds are chirping, the air is warmer, flowers are blooming and the beginning of a busy real estate season is upon us.  To help prepare real estate pros for another busy season of “wheeling and dealing,” Homes.com would like to share some valuable insight on homebuyer search trends.  Recently, we surveyed consumers about their home search habits and have compiled them into this handy Home Search Habits infographic.

Homes.com Survey-Consumers Home Search TrendsHighlights: 

  • Make sure your properties are on national listing sites like Homes.com.  Almost 70% of consumers reported that they search for properties here.  Not only that, 40% indicated that they search online for homes every day!
  • Get your fingers nimble because over half of consumers (52.8%) prefer to communicate via email.
  • “Deal breaker alert” – be sure to showcase eye-catching property photos as a whopping 90% reported that they’re less likely to see a home in person if the listing has no photos.  No photos. No deal.

We hope that these trends will help you with your leads and client growth.  Do these results represent your clients?  We would like to know if these results are helpful and related to your own database demographics. Comment below or discuss with others on our Facebook page.

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