[INFOGRAPHIC] Marketing to Renters — Know What They Want!

For those who aren’t in the market to purchase a home just yet, finding the perfect place to rent is just as monumental as a home search. If you haven’t already, you will undoubtedly work with renters and rental properties in your real estate tenure, so it’s important to know exactly what renters want.

An extensive survey conducted across thousands of renters from all walks of life answers that question in depth. We’ve created an infographic displaying the results so you can know exactly how to interact with any renters who may come to you in their home search. For instance, this survey found that:

  •  75% of renters base their rental decisions on online ratings and reviews.
  • 73% of renters want to pay rent online.
  • 80% of renters watch videos through Facebook.

Check out the rest of the stats in the infographic below.

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