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In the ongoing mission to assist you in providing your clients with the most accurate and reliable real estate information, has created several new widgets for you to add to your website! Recently, we introduced our Home Values and Mortgage Calculator widgets. These new widgets, along with the others in our gallery, will help improve your website’s already existing content and retain more incoming traffic through their ease and simplicity.

The Home Values widget offers your clients a chance to search property values in surrounding areas through The Home Values widget displays the average home value in a neighborhood, allowing your clients an opportunity to see what a particular area might be like. This is a widget, so you can be certain the information provided is accurate, updated, and easy for your clients to understand.

If your clients wish to see a projection of their monthly mortgage payment, they can use the Mortgage Calculator widget. The sliders on the widget allow users to adjust the form fields to quickly calculate monthly mortgage payments. The Mortgage Calculator also operates quickly and easily when placed on your site, so there’s no worrying about your website being bogged down or lagging in any way.

Just like the rest of the widgets in the gallery, the Home Values and Mortgage Calculator are easy to place on any existing site. Simply copy and place the code provided at the bottom of the individual widget pages onto your site. It’s as easy as that. These widgets will help improve your site’s current functionality and, by doing so, help you drive even more traffic to your website!

Check out’s entire gallery of widgets here!

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