Curb Appeal: Simple Tips to Maximize Your Listings’ First Impression

A first impression is everything, which is why curb appeal is something that every property must have. Upon a prospect or client’s arrival to a listing, their initial attitude about the property will be determined by what they see before even putting the car in park. Whether it’s new construction, short sale, or foreclosure, real Make your home have a great first impressionestate professionals will have an easier time closing a contract if the listing has outstanding curb appeal!

Even if a property has a dazzling interior, having an unattractive exterior could cause a potential buyer to simply walk away. There are countless cheap and easy projects that homeowners can do to a home that can make your listing more marketable.

Share some of the following ideas with your clients to help get their home sold even faster!

Check out all of the consumer resources to find out how to make your next listing beautiful inside and out. Are there any projects that you have found to be more beneficial than others in creating a memorable first impression? Share your experiences with us on Facebook!

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