Red Hot Widgets to Enhance Your Web Site

Looking for a way to easily connect and engage with more clients and prospects? knows that being a real estate professional, although very rewarding, can sometimes be a bit demanding. As your partner in this fast paced industry we strive to provide tools that make your job as a real estate professional easier.

If you haven’t already, consider adding Widgets to your website or blog, so that you can stop worrying about the little things and get back to the job that you love! Whether you want to enhance your listing exposure or provide your clients with an easy way to calculate their mortgage, “has an app for that!”

To answer the question, what’s around this area?  Consumers can now use the Commute Time Calculator to find out just how far their office, parks, grocery stores, restaurants and schools are from their potential new home.

When searching for a potential place to call home, most buyers will wonder “Am I getting a good deal?”. Allow them to answer this question without even leaving your website by downloading the Homes Value Widget. Clients and Prospects can use this tool to quickly search for property values in the areas surrounding the home they are interested in, positioning you as an even more valuable asset in their home buying experience!

The Search Widget is a quick way of searching’s massive database of listings directly from your website. Customize it to match your branding and paste the code into your page to allow clients to search for homes without ever leaving your page. To make it even easier for homebuyers, the Simple Search Widget is a more streamlined version of the original Search Widget and can also be customized to fit your branding preferences.

Looking for a way to showcase your top listings? The Featured Listing Widget allows you to showcase the type of listings that you want displayed directly on your Homes Connect Profile. Using this application makes it even easier for your clients and prospects to find the home that is best for them!

Stay connected with your clients and prospects through social media, the Social Network Widget displays all of your social channel icons across the page on your website! Since social media has become second nature to almost all internet users, this is a great way to stay top of mind in your local market.

Adding the Widgets to your web site and blog will make the homebuying process more efficient and position your brand as an even more invaluable resource. Also be sure to review our other consumer resources that can be downloaded, customized with your branding and shared with your networks!


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