5 Ways to Make Your Listing Presentations Shine

Prospective clients are looking for the best person to help them buy or sell a home, so what are you doing to make yourself standout from the competition? Even if you have more industry knowledge than the next guy, having the ability to demonstrate it to clients during a listing appointment is the only way to establish that you are the local expert.

Consider your next listing appointment as a job interview and think of the presentation as your detailed resume. Just like a regular interview, bring a weak resume will lessen the chances of a client hiring you for the job. Homes.com wants to explain why creating a well thought out listing presentation is the key to turning a prospect into your next client.

Here are the Top 5 things to remember when preparing your next presentation:

1)      Know your client: Everyone expects something different from a home, knowing this information about your prospective client will help you locate properties that best fit their lifestyle. Walking into a meeting with listings that don’t meet their needs not only wastes their time, it also wastes yours.  Find out what their “must have’s” are and be sure to highlight these features throughout the presentation.

2)      Do your research: Once you’ve identified any fitting properties, make sure you know everything about it and research other listings fit the same criteria. Use the Homes.com Local Market Index to provide them with information regarding the performance of the market at a neighborhood level.  Clients will most likely want to compare neighboring home values, supply them with a detailed CMA (comparative market analysis) report using the Homes.com CMAzing tool. Every potential buyer wants to know what’s around them, utilize the Neighborhood Envoy tool to provide them with local demographics, school ratings, and other points of interest.

3)      Make it unique: No client or property is identical, so why would you use the same presentations for every meeting? We all know that real estate data can tend to be a bit dry, make it more appealing to read by including vibrant colors and high resolution videos and pictures. Not only is main presentation important, providing them with attractive takeaways such as flyers and brochures is always a great way to stay top of mind.

4)      Short and Sweet: Do you want to spend all day at one appointment? Neither does the client, make the presentation as simple and informative as possible. Let your work speak for itself and let the picture, videos and data that you’ve created explain how you are going to work for them. Stay away from lengthy explanations, cover only the important data they should know and save time at the end for them to ask for further clarification.

5)      Always follow up- Odds are that the prospect(s) will want to give the information you’ve provided them a little more thought before coming to the decision to move forward. This is a crucial time for your name to be fresh in their mind, send them an email reminding them that you’re willing to dedicate your time and resources to get them what they want. If you have multiple prospects that you need to follow up with, try using drip email tools to more efficiently connect with all of them.

Any good job opportunity requires and even better resume, make sure your presentation is one that will stick out from the crowd by incorporating your time and personal touch. Homes.com knows the value of creating innovative promotional materials, so check out all of our marketing solutions like the new Marketing Center Powered by Imprev that can take your marketing materials to the next level.

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