Content Marketing: 3 Easy Ways to Keep Them Coming Back

Real estate professionals are constantly bombarded with marketing strategies that are “vital” to effectively connect with consumers, so much so that it may become unclear to which actually work. strives to provide our clients with the marketing tools and educational resources they need to successfully drive traffic back to their business, which is why we wanted to share with you a few simple but effective ways to strengthen and better employ your content marketing

1. Keep It Fresh

Have you noticed that the “top stories” being shared throughout your blogs, social pages and personal websites are sometimes the same as what your competitors are using? Obviously, this isn’t the best way to set yourself apart from everyone else. Consumers aren’t always looking for industry news or market conditions, after you’ve helped them into a house they will be looking for ways to transform it into a home. Start building consumer loyalty and build engagement by sharing content that is enjoyable, interesting and sometimes even a little entertaining. The idea gallery is chocked full of home improvement projects, decorating tips, and lifestyle ideas that were created with homeowners and renters in mind.

2.Give Them Something Useful

Clients and prospects are always looking for new ways to enjoy their home, especially first time buyers. You are the expert and they want to rely on you for help in being able to fully enjoy their home, which is why the Consumer Checklists and Entertainment Guides are perfect resources to share them with. Providing them with creative ways to entertain their friends and family, how to properly prepare for the changing seasons, and even what to look for when searching for a new property will remind them why they chose you as their real estate professional in the first place. Furthermore, each of these resources have been created to include your personal branding information on every cover. Sharing content like this on all of your websites, open houses, and listing presentations will give them a reason to keep coming back for more.

3. Make Your Pages Easy to Find

There’s no better investment than the one you make in yourself, which is why we also have a slew of free eBooks available that can help educate you on how to better market your business. Whether it’s improving your lead generation, maximizing your online reputation, or even how to build your brand on LinkedIn these resources will help bring more exposure to your business. Consumers are using social media and online searches to find answer their question more than ever, so building a strong presence on all of your channels has never been so important. Don’t miss out on any opportunities to build your business and check out all of the eBook assets that has to offer.

All of the Consumer Resources are FREE and can be printed to include your branding information, stay top of mind and check them all out today!

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