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Time is one of the most valuable assets in the real estate business; it is a luxury very few can afford to waste. Some of the most time consuming aspects of the real estate business are the maintenance and review of your online presence and social marketing. With Social Impact from, you will be able to maintain your online reputation and social networks while not affecting what is most important about selling real estate – meaningful time with your clients.

Here are 6 easy steps you can use to start to get the most out of Social Impact!

  1. Set up the Connections in the Social Networking section Click the Social Networking tab then go to Connections.  Enter your usernames and passwords for your Social Media channels. This will enable you to access your social media accounts from within the Homes Connect dashboard.

  1. Import Prospects from FB, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ While you are establishing the connections to your social accounts, you will be prompted to import your social contacts. The Contacts will be loaded into an easy to manage and review “Prospecting Pool.” They will not automatically enter into your Contact Management system.  When you are ready to enroll one of your social media “friends” into an email campaign or other marketing tool, simply click on their face and select “add contact.” Just like that, their information is loaded into the Contact Management tool, and you can begin to work with them.

  1. Use Social Broadcaster to maximize your message Under the Social Impact tab, you will find the Social Broadcaster application. Use this to send your message to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin all at once, or select just the social sites you want. You can also use this as a way to turn your website home page into a “mini blog” of sorts, by also broadcasting your social updates to your Homes Connect Website.  It is a fast and easy way to continually add fresh content to your website.

  1. Manage your Automatic Social Posts Do you want to announce your open houses, new listings, and price reductions on your social networks? The Social Impact Settings, found in the Social Impact section of your dashboard, allows you to turn this function on and off for the social media channels and type of announcements you choose. The listing updates are then on autopilot.

  1. Set up the Reputation Manager The final application in the Social Impact section is the Reputation Manager. This is really a must-have tool in today’s online jungle. This tool monitors over 50 online business listing and review sites, and it notifies you any time that your business is mentioned or reviewed. Don’t waste time Googling yourself to see what is being said about you and your business! Reputation Manager tracks your social media success and helps you improve your overall online presence, all from your Homes Connect Dashboard! This step can take some time to completely finish. However, it is worth at least inputting your business contact information and verifying your business on the big three search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

  1. Add FB and Twitter live feeds to your dashboard The key to converting more social media contacts into business leads is engagement. You can’t just blast your listings at the masses and wait for the phone to ring. Adding the live Twitter and Facebook feeds to your dashboard means that you can easily monitor and quickly respond to the social chatter without pulling up a bunch of different apps. Simply click on the grey Dashboard drop down and add the Facebook and Twitter Gadgets.

You should be able to complete this entire process in under 30 minutes, with the exception of verifying your business in the Reputation Manager. Still Too Busy to Set Up Social Impact?  Need Additional Assistance? Don’t Worry – Concierge Service Can Help! If setting up Social Impact still seems to daunting, or if you feel like you need additional help, Concierge Service can help you take the guesswork out of managing your social media presence! Read more about how Concierge Service works here, or call 888-510-8795 to learn more! If you would like personal help with that service in particular check out the benefits of a social media assistant.

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