3 Tips To Brand Like the Big Dogs

“Little companies always move faster. The big guy may have the corner on money but the little guy usually has the corner on creativity. Take some time to sit down and figure out how your big rival is promoting their brand and plan something smarter and more creative for yours” says Barbara Corcoran of the Corcoran Group.

The best way for real estate professionals to set themselves apart from the next guy and successfully build your brand, is by owning the local market, leveraging social media, and using sophisticated marketing materials. With that, Homes.com wants to give you these pointers to brand your business like the big dogs:

1)      “Own” your local market. Although it may sound like a broken record, we can’t stress enough the importance of establishing a presence throughout your local community. Not only is this where the majority of your business will be conducted, but the people within this locale are the most likely to become future clients. Start using local ads to target consumers searching for real estate related information in your area. Other helpful tools such as Homes.com’s Neighborhood Envoy, illustrates your local expertise by showcasing a community’s amenities like school districts, shopping centers, demographics and other factors that influence their purchase decision.

2)      Social Media is kind of a big deal. No surprise here. Everyone uses social media and consumers are listening to what their friends and family are saying. In fact, the majority of homebuyers that we recently polled indicated that word of mouth recommendations were the greatest influence when selecting a real estate professional. Actively updating your pages, interacting with people  in your networks (commenting, sharing, liking etc.) and sharing client testimonials are among the most effective ways to maximize your online reputation using social media. To better manage your social activity try using Social Impact, this marketing solution saves valuable time by allowing you to manage all aspects of your social media presence from one central location. Social channels are you opportunity to foster relationships with people in your community, so be sure that you are sharing content that can benefit them.

3)      Don’t forget the essentials. From business cards to listing presentations, everything that will be seen by consumers needs to be representative of your brand. It’s important to create marketing materials that are unique, which is why the new Homes.com Design Center is so valuable. Use this to create branded marketing resources that consumers will want to refer to and not just throw in the miscellaneous drawer (we all have one) with all the other business cards. While this may seem elementary, it’s the best way to stay top of mind next time they need any type of real estate assistance. Don’t forget about emails! Consumers prefer to be contacted by email and since mobile web is becoming the most popular way of accessing them, be sure they are formatted in a mobile friendly way.

Successfully creating a brands image doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it will likely require a considerable amount of time and money but in the end it’s worth it! With that in mind, Homes.com’s consumer resources allow you to customize materials for you to share with your networks. By staying current on trends, you’ll be the pack leader in the dog-eat-dog world that is cutting-edge marketing.





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