Make Your Open House Shine with Neighborhood Reports!

be the local expert at your open houseIn the first part of this open house series, we covered the unique marketing materials you could create in the Design Center and Marketing Center. Once you have hooked a potential new buyer with flashy marketing material, it is time to reel them in with some valuable and well presented information.

Location, location, location! Buyers that come to your open house are likely more interested in moving to the neighborhood than your specific listing. That being said, they probably have a pretty good understanding of the neighborhood already, so if you want to impress them with your local knowledge, you need to dig a little deeper than just school ratings.

The Neighborhood Envoy application allows you to create detailed reports with colorful charts and graphs that can give your buyers a complete picture of the neighborhood. Here are three key features of these neighborhood reports that will position you as the local expert.

1. Custom Maps

Commute time is a very important factor in the homebuying decision. The map will automatically populate with the locations of nearby schools, churches, and golf courses. You can add your own custom pins for unique neighborhood features like parks or shopping centers.

2. Demographics

Neighborhood Envoy compiles information on the census block level, which is more precise than the census tract level used by other reporting applications. Info ranging from annual rainfall and temperatures of the area to the education level and average household income of the residents is available. While open house guests flip through this report, you have the opportunity to discuss the neighborhood with them in more depth.

3. Neighborhood Comparison

If you are sitting open house at a property that would be considered at the top end of your local market, there is a good chance that some “dreamers” are going to stop by. You know, those first-time homebuyers who can’t afford a home in this neighborhood right now. Be prepared to help those buyers by adding a neighborhood comparison to the report. Find a comparable neighborhood that has some of the same qualities as the desired neighborhood to contrast the pros and cons. Neighborhood Envoy will then display the demographic and other data side-by-side to easily compare the two neighborhoods. If you can get them to consider the similarities, then you have a chance to work with them to find something they can afford right now.

Don’t miss part three in the series where we will examine how an organized buyer tour report can secure the new buyer for you.

For more information on these or any of your Homes Connect marketing products, you can visit the new Customer Support Website or contact directly at 866-774-2947.

Watch this short Neighborhood Envoy Tutorial Video to get started today.


Jason Parker

Jason Parker

Jason worked for several years in the real estate industry as a licensed agent and member of the National Association of REALTORS. He has an MBA from Florida State University and enjoys writing about how agents can improve their marketing efforts.
Jason Parker

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