Celebrate Arbor Day and Grow Your Business with These Landscaping Staging Tips

HDC-Arbor-Day-2187Sterling Morton had a simple goal in mind when he founded Arbor Day back in 1872, which was to have one day that was dedicated to planting and conserving trees.  Each year, people across the country use this as a chance to show off their “green thumbs” in order to help preserve our environment. When you’re out supporting the cause on April 24th, you should also consider how these efforts could be used to grow your real estate business.

A report from the Department of Horticulture at Virginia Tech found that a home landscape has been valued at around 15% of a property’s overall value. Furthermore, landscape economist John Harris has uncovered that good landscaping can add as much as 28% to the overall value of a home and cut its time on the market by 10% to 15%. So in addition to adding value to a home, great landscaping will also do wonders for a property’s curb appeal.

Anyone who owns a home is always looking for ways to improve it and there’s no better time to boost your home’s curb appeal than on Arbor Day! So whether they are clients currently trying to sell their home or past clients that just need a little inspiration, here are a few landscaping projects they should consider completing during this year’s holiday festivities.

In the spirit of Arbor Day, planting a few trees should be the first project to tackle. Planting trees will make the property more attractive and they provide the shade that everyone enjoys on a hot summer day- believe it or not, buyers really do consider this when touring a property. Another upside to planting trees is the financial benefits that come with it, as the U.S. Department of energy says that just three properly placed trees could save between $100 and $250 a year in energy costs!

Once they have a few trees in the ground, it’s time to add some bushes, shrubs and flowers into the mix. It’s always a good idea to use pops of color to really grab the eye of potential buyers. But when deciding on which types of plants to use, your clients should choose some that are proportional to the size of the property. In other words, they wouldn’t want to plant a bush that grows to be 8 feet tall and would eventually cover the windows of their one story house. Instead, they should consider smaller ones that will allow all the features of the home to shine!

The most important thing a homeowner can do to increase their home’s curb appeal is maintaining the perfect yard. So installing fresh sod or seeding over bare patches, keeping the lawn mowed and adding fresh mulch in the flowerbeds will go a long way. Also, it never hurts to throw in some decorative elements like bird feeders or hanging potted plants to give it the “homey” feel that people are looking for. Not only will doing all of this show that the home is well taken care of, but it will give potential buyers a great first impression when they pull up and see the home for the first time.

Arbor day is dedicated to improving the environment, but who said your real estate business can’t benefit from it too? These tips will give your current and future listings a boost in curb appeal and can help reduce the time they are on the market, which means you could be making money even faster! Spring is upon us and once your clients are finished working the yard, it will be time for a bit of spring cleaning inside their home. Download and share the “Spring Into the Dream” guide with all of your clients so they’ll have cleaning and organizing tips to get them ready for the next open house, or to just enjoy the home you helped put them in!

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