Why do I need a Homes.com Profile?

Blog-Image-HDC-Profile-Article_2294Homes.com attracts over thirteen million consumers searching for their next home on a monthly basis.  Creating a free Homes.com profile is your key to reaching this active real estate audience. And if you need even more incentive, we’ve included three additional reasons to set up or verify your profile on Homes.com.

1 – Free Listing Leads

Advertise youself and your listings on Homes.com with all consumer inquires coming back to you, always! As the listing agent, you are never left out of the loop when buyers request more information about a property on Homes.com. You will be clearly branded at the top of your property inquiry form and cannot be deselected from the lead form.

2 – Manage All Your Leads

Turn those leads into active clients with the free Homes.com Lead Management System. You can send all of your online leads directly to this system and track them from this one platform. The lead management system comes with integrated, pre-packaged email marketing campaigns and social media prospecting tools.  

3 – Market Your Business

Your Homes.com Profile promintely advertises your photo, logo, and business biography, along with links to your website and social media accounts. Homes.com’s Q & A provides you with direct access to real consumers asking real questions about real estate in your targeted marketing areas.      

Homes.com has direct syndication agreements with many MLS organizations and large franchises across the country, so getting your listings on Homes.com is easy and free. Get started today by going to Profile.Homes.com to set up or verify your free profile.

Jason Parker

Jason Parker

Jason worked for several years in the real estate industry as a licensed agent and member of the National Association of REALTORS. He has an MBA from Florida State University and enjoys writing about how agents can improve their marketing efforts.
Jason Parker

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