How Do You See Your Business Performing This Year?

HDC-Consumer-Insights-2383Have you noticed how many books, movies, and tv shows focus on the idea of being able to see the future? Wouldn’t that be a great skill to have in real estate! To know which leads will pan out, which house they will buy, which homes will go on sale, and which open houses will and won’t bear fruit…

Well, unfortunately we can’t tell the future, but we at did a little poking around and found some experienced agents from across the nation who could give us their predictions and insights on what the 2016 market should look like.

We sorted through the hundreds of responses we received to find the best information and predictions for 2016. Check out the responses at the links below and share your favorite insights with your social followers to help guide them this year!

Why Will 2016 be a Great Time to Buy a Home?

Why Will 2016 be a Great Time to Sell a Home?

What to Know When Selling Your House in 2016

What Is Your Best Advice For Folks Looking For A New Home?

What Home Features Are Most In Demand When Buying or Selling?

What Will Be the Main Housing Trends in 2016?

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Hannah Graham

Hannah Graham

I joined's support team in May 2012 before moving to marketing in 2015. In that time, my nieces have grown numerous and my two pups, Annabel and Aya have grown enormous!
Hannah Graham

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