Chris Smith’s Landing Page Tips to Help You Generate More Leads

HDC-Smith-Landing-Page-Blog-2416Real estate is a tough job, but there are a lot of things to love about it. You’re your own boss, you get to meet new people, set your own schedule, and have the satisfaction of helping people through their largest transactions. However, these great perks don’t really kick in until you’ve got some leads. At NAR San Diego, Chris Smith gave a talk about online lead generation and credits landing pages as a major contributor to a successful lead generation strategy.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a simple, standalone page where you can send people for a singular purpose: capturing leads. The landing pages are connected to ads or promotions that drive users with a specific intent. For example, you may have one landing page to capture sellers who want a CMA and another for people requesting a guide for first time buyers.

Why Do I Need Landing Pages?

When someone comes to your site from an ad or promotion, they have a specific goal in mind based on the material that led them to click your link. However, when they come to the home page of your website, they receive a very generalized experience. You can use landing pages to address the needs of the specific lead.

You can also use landing pages as a way to find out which of your older leads may still be interested in buying or selling. Smith recommends setting up a landing page for old clients with a free offer and see which clients register. Those that do are probably worth reaching out to again.

What Should I Put On My Landing Page?

A landing page should have as little on it as possible. Smith suggests as an example, when you have a seller click on a Facebook ad offering a free CMA, create a landing page that just collects the seller’s address. About 70% of people will fill in their address to receive a CMA, and there is plenty you can do with that information: you can leave a CMA on their doorstep, send them postcards, and likely find out their name and number online. Once they give you their address, set up a second page that asks for their name, phone number, and email address.

Using landing pages can help you generate more leads online. Just remember, include what your lead will get in exchange for their information when building your landing page. To learn how to add extra value to the sellers you reach through landing pages, check out’s new Featured Agent Program to learn how you can put your listings a click away from Google.

Hannah Graham

Hannah Graham

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Hannah Graham

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2 thoughts on “Chris Smith’s Landing Page Tips to Help You Generate More Leads

  1. Every page of a website should be a landing page. And your landing page won’t rank in a Google search if you have “as little as possible” on it.

    • Good points, David! While we wouldn’t recommend loading a landing page with information for the sole purpose of boosting your SEO, we would recommend adding content that visitors would find useful.