Floyd Wickman’s 3 Steps to Being a Successful Real Estate Agent

HDC-Floyed-Wickman-Blog-2514Have you ever wondered what it takes to not just make it, but be successful in real estate? In the most recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, we were honored to host Floyd Wickman, also known as the “extraordinary ordinary man” for his webinar, titled “How to Become, Stay, and Feel Successful – the Final Secret.” During his webinar, Wickman shared his steps to become and stay successful in the real estate business.

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Step One: Set a Goal.

Wickman shared that “success is a chain of events” and that it all starts with choosing a goal. Your “definite, clear cut goal(s)” should reflect what you hope to accomplish, not what you think you are supposed to accomplish as a real estate agent, or what others want you to accomplish.

Step Two: Make a Commitment.

Wickman stresses how important it is to “never lose sight of the goal.” Once you set your goal, you have to decide that you are going to achieve it. When setbacks occur, it’s important to “learn, let go, and go on to the next obstacle.” Sticking with your goal and creating continuous forward momentum (three steps forward, two steps back), will help you on your way to real estate success. Wickman also points out that “a true commitment removes the option to fail.”

Step Three: Do the Basics.

“There’s a formula to give you the highest return on your time investment,” and one of the key components of that formula is to work on listings first. Wickman suggests that, “before you close down for the weekend, make sure you’re booked” so that you have listings and showings “not when you need them,” but “before you need them.”

Another key component is to separate the lookers from the buyers. Wickman explains that “you have to work with buyers, but you don’t have to necessarily spend your time, your money, and your energy with lookers.” Focus on spending more of your time working with clients who are serious now.

Wickman also suggest that “when you catch yourself going in the wrong direction, take another look at setting your goal, making your commitment again, and doing the basics.” He also comments that “ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things if they just master certain basic principles and know how to keep themselves going.”

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Hannah Graham

Hannah Graham

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Hannah Graham

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