A.C.E. The Perfect Marketing Plan to Sell Your Listings

HDC-Grimes-Screts-Blog-1200x600-2571In his recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar titled “How to Triple Your Business”, thirty-three year real estate veteran Denny Grimes pointed out that “there’s never a shortage of buyers in any market, there’s only a shortage of realistic sellers.” With this in mind, Grimes shared his three ingredients for the perfect marketing plan for selling listings even in a declining market.

1. Accurate Information

To find their clients homes in decades past, real estate professionals used bulky, inconvenient listing books that were outdated as soon as they were printed. Today, a home buyer can simply input their specifications into a search engine to instantly receive a list of relevant properties. This makes it much easier for the right buyers to find your listings. Grimes points out, however, that with the computer doing the sorting, “the information has to be correct to make sure it falls into the right bucket.” Otherwise, your listing isn’t going to find its way onto the screens of the right buyers.

2. Compelling Description

When a buyer goes online and inputs their search criteria, they can easily end up with hundreds of relevant properties. Grimes suggests that once they have a list of properties, their next step is to “eliminate as many houses as they can.” Thus, it is crucial that you effectively use your description of approximately “six lines, maybe 100 words or so to make a compelling argument of why they should even consider that house.”

3. Engaging Photography

The first thing most buyers look at when considering a listing online are the photos. Even knowing how essential good photos are when selling a home, bad images remain a consistent problem. Grimes urges agents not to use photos that show junk cluttering up countertops or that were obviously taken from inside an agent’s car. Make sure you have quality images that showcase the features of the home to help the listing get more showings.

According to Grimes, “The bottom line is, if you have it in the MLS with accurate information, compelling description, and engaging photography and it does not sell, it’s a pricing issue.” Make possible price reductions easier to navigate by involving your sellers in your marketing efforts from the beginning. When you add their listing to the MLS, send them a link so they can verify that everything is correct. Find out early if they see any problems with the photos or if they think an extra comma would make the property description more compelling. Doing so can help prevent claims at price reduction time saying the house isn’t selling because of a flaw in the listing details or an error on your part.

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Hannah Graham

Hannah Graham

I joined Homes.com's support team in May 2012 before moving to marketing in 2015. In that time, my nieces have grown numerous and my two pups, Annabel and Aya have grown enormous!
Hannah Graham

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