How Your Website Can Help You Overcome the “Lack of Leads” Challenge

HDC_Sesso_recap_Blog_2763_1200x600During a recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, we polled agents about what their single greatest challenge was. Most agents answered, “getting enough new leads to generate the sales I want.” If this is an issue for you, too, and you want to overcome the lack-of-leads challenge, be sure to watch National Speaker and Sales Director Joe Sesso’s webinar “Unlocking the Power of”

While there are many lead sources available to enterprising agents, a company or personal website is one of the best. To create a successful real estate website, you must have two components: good design and strong SEO. As Sesso noted, “If your site looks old, if it looks outdated, if it’s got broken links on it, if it’s not operating properly, it’s not [creating] a good impression.” Your website is representing your business all day, every day, creating first impressions with potential clients. Make sure these impressions are positive!

Mobile Responsive

The first criteria for a well-designed website is mobile responsiveness. If you have a website through, your website will look great and have consistent branding on every device, making it easy for buyers and sellers to navigate your site. Your site should also have interactive features like search boxes that suggest locations as you type (like’s agent and broker websites).

User Friendly

Your website also should be user friendly, easy to search, have fresh, local content, and most importantly, include multiple ways to capture leads. “It’s really funny,” Sesso pointed out, “because a lot of times, I talk to [agents] and they say ‘yeah, I’m not getting any leads from my site,’ and we’ll look at their site and we’ll analyze it and there’s nowhere to capture leads on it except for the property search.”

Multiple Lead Capture websites are designed with multiple ways to capture leads. Each listing has a lead capture form, the property values and CMA request pages are set up to capture seller leads, the about page has lead capture, and each website comes equipped with a MyHome Tracker so you and your buyers can save search parameters and receive relevant listings automatically through email.

Each of these things helps ensure your site has great design and functionality, but that’s only half the challenge of creating a lead generating website. The other half is getting people on your website. According to the NAR 2016 Member Profile, 77% of REALTORS® generated less than five inquiries on their website in 2016. However, according to the 2015 Real Trends Online Performance Study, thirteen brokerage websites studied over a 6 month period averaged over 600 new leads per month from their sites. So how do you replicate their success and generate more leads? “What you need to do,” Sesso suggested, “is you need to be found. And the way you get found is, you get found through Google, and doing the paid-per-click ads, sometimes they work and people like them, but how many times have you Googled something and immediately scrolled right past the paid-per-click ads?”

Sesso further pointed out that “[y]ou need to show up organically on page one of Google, and it is possible.”’s SEO Fuel program has an 86% success rate of getting our customers to page one of Google within six months. All our SEO (search engine optimization) work is done in the United States and is focused on building your website’s trust and authority.

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Hannah Graham

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Hannah Graham

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