[Infographic] What Every GOOD Real Estate Website Needs

HDC_Sesso_Infographic_Blog_2833_1200x600Just having a website boosts your credibility, but having a good website generates leads. In a recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, Joe Sesso, author of the new success guide Secrets of Top Selling Agents; The Keys to Real Estate Success Revealed, shared the six things a real estate website needs to be effective. Listen to Sesso’s full webinar here, or check out the infographic below!

SOTSA_Sesso_Infographic_2833 Looking for more great tips from industry leaders? Register for the next free webinar at SecretsofTopSellingAgents.com.

Hannah Graham

Hannah Graham

I joined Homes.com's support team in May 2012 before moving to marketing in 2015. In that time, my nieces have grown numerous and my two pups, Annabel and Aya have grown enormous!
Hannah Graham

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