5 Lead Sources to Leverage for More Listings

HDC_Tom_Ferry_Recap_Blog_2973_1200x600_2Seller leads can seem hard to find…unless you know where to look. In his recent webinar on Mindset, Model & Marketing Tom Ferry shared a list he created of the top twelve places to find seller leads. Check out the top five below and catch the full webinar for the whole list plus a lot of great tips to improve your business.

Tom Ferry is a bestselling author and CEO of Tom Ferry International, a real estate coaching and training company. Visit his website TomFerry.com and be sure to check out his latest book Mindset, Model & Marketing!

  1. Database

Your existing contacts are an invaluable lead source. Keep in touch with your entire database, but be sure to send any homeowners reminders letting them know just how much their home is worth. It may eventually get them to decide to sell.

  1. Mega Open Houses

Yes, you could host an open house where you unlock the doors, lay out your sign-in sheet, and stand ready to answer any questions about the house to attract buyers. Or, you could host a mega open house with food trucks, a bounce house, and great music to attract buyers and sellers.

  1. Geographic Farming

Direct mail pieces, door-to-door marketing, and Facebook each has a role to play in geographic farming. Figure out where most of your business is coming from and then reach out and start farming the people in those neighborhoods. Build relationships with them so that when the time comes and they want to sell their home, they’ll already think of you as their agent.

  1. Agent-to-Agent Referrals

A lot of agents make the mistake of sitting back and waiting for agent-to-agent referrals to happen. Be proactive by attending conferences where you can meet out-of-state agents. Work some networking magic and you may be surprised at how much business you can funnel your way.

  1. Real Estate Portals

You’re probably already aware that there are a lot of people who need to sell their current home before they can afford their next home. Having a presence on portals like Homes.com is a great place to find active buyers and appeal to sellers.

For more places to find sellers, watch Tom Ferry’s webinar here! Also, be sure to register for the next Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar with Sherri Johnson. She’s going to be sharing how you can Make $50,000 @ Your Next Open House.

Hannah Graham

Hannah Graham

I joined Homes.com's support team in May 2012 before moving to marketing in 2015. In that time, my nieces have grown numerous and my two pups, Annabel and Aya have grown enormous!
Hannah Graham

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