Live Video Chat. The Way Modern Communication Is Supposed To Be.

Technology has transformed the ways we communicate with clients. Today we have more channels available to us than ever: email, text, direct message on social media, and so on. Unfortunately, with each advancement, communication has become more impersonal and the use of chatbots and pre-recorded messages have made clients feel like they are talking to robots.

However, there’s one advancement in communication technology that can be the answer your clients (and you) have been searching for: video chat. Live video chat may seem optimal for friends and family, but it also holds great potential for businesses. Video chat can even help you increase engagement on social platforms and gain the winning edge over your competition.

Live, Fast, and Convenient

Live chat has become a common form of customer service in real estate today. However, the constant back and forth of text can be frustrating and create misunderstandings. Certain clients can even feel embarrassed as they find it difficult to articulate their wants, needs, and concerns through text.

By switching over to live video chat, you can talk with clients as if you were face to face: listening to their tone and watching their facial expressions and body language for clues as to how they feel about a certain situation.

Using video chat is also a great way to save time and reduce cost in your daily activities. For instance, you just landed a new listing and know the perfect client to show it to. Instead of scheduling a walk-through of the listing, why not just video chat them and show them a quick walk-around of the listing to see if they are interested in the property. Clients will appreciate the one-on-one feel of a video walk-through rather than just seeing the listing on Snapchat or Instagram later that day.

The use of video chat is only going to increase as technology and social media continue to grow. Incorporating video chat into your business strategy early on will ensure success as this medium becomes even more popular. While you’re out there generating sales from your “humanized” selling strategy, let’s Local Connect connect you with high quality buyer and seller leads in your zip codes! You can learn more about Local Connect at (888) 651-8956 or by email at

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Randy Garcia

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Randy Garcia

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