3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Free Homes.com Newsletter

You may have already heard that Homes.com is offering a free monthly newsletter in the Email Marketing Center. What you may not have heard are where the articles for your newsletter come from and how much control you actually have. While your free newsletter is ready to send out as is, we want to make sure you have the ability to make any changes you want to ensure the newsletter is a valuable lead nurturing tool for your business.

  1. The articles are hand-written specifically for each month’s newsletter.

Your newsletter isn’t full of old, recycled content. Each month, the same people who write the content for Homes.com and put together Homes.com’s consumer newsletters are creating content specifically for your newsletter. This content is often based on topics that buyers and sellers found interesting on the Homes.com blog, but the articles in your newsletter are always re-written specifically for the newsletter.

  1. You can change the send date.

If you turn on auto-send, your newsletter goes out the last Thursday of each month. However, if you choose not to automate your newsletter, you can use the “Send Now” button to send it anytime after it has been made available in your account.

If you want to send an old newsletter outside the month it was originally scheduled for, you can do that too!

  • Just click “Send Email” (1.)
  • Select “Use Saved Message” (2.)
  • Then choose the newsletter you would like to send (3.). When sending the newsletter outside the intended month, remember to edit the subject line and content for relevancy.
  • After that, just choose whether you would like to send your email now (4.)
  • Or schedule it for a later date (5.)
  • Then press “Send Message” (6.).

  1. You can edit the content.

The Email Marketing Center has settings to alert you when a new newsletter is uploaded so you can personalize it if you want to. If you want to use your own pictures in the newsletter, add more articles, add extra details, or delete articles, go for it! You’re welcome to make any changes you want to make the newsletter uniquely yours. Some enhancements you could make would be to add your own intro or conclusion paragraph, include links to your website, eBooks, or social pages, add videos, or share testimonials. The editing tool is easily available on every newsletter.

If you have any questions on how to access, edit, or use your free newsletter, contact our support team at 866-774-2947 or send us an email at support@homes.com. If you’re interested in finding out about our great advertising opportunities, click here.

Kyle Beasley

Kyle Beasley

I've been with Homes.com since 2014. I work on the Training Team and assist employees by teaching them about the plethora of solutions Homes.com offers. My goals in life are to own more than 100 dogs/cats and to open an old animal sanctuary after I retire. My favorite color is grey, and I'm a Pisces.
Kyle Beasley

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