5 Spring Cleaning Tasks to Improve Your Business

Spring is finally making itself felt across the country and, as you know, this is the time of year when your clients start clearing out their closets and pressure washing their decks. But spring cleaning isn’t just for clients. Spring is also the time to get your office in order. Ensure your business is ready to run strong another year with these five tasks.


Each of your leads and contacts came to you as an unknown entity. Now you may be surprised at how much you know about them. Take time to add notes about the people in your CRM, such as when they bought their house or had a baby. If they’re buying, mark the sort of house they’re looking for. If they’ve been in a home for a while, record thoughts on what may motivate them to sell.

Email List

Your email list is only as good as your content. Keep your emails relevant by sorting and organizing every person in your CRM into relevant, leverageable categories. First-time buyers, homeowners, sellers, and people just starting to save for a down payment will all benefit from different content. Send them content that fits their personal situation.

Newsletter Enrollment

A monthly newsletter can keep your business in your contact’s minds: a crucial step in getting repeat business and referrals. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the free Homes.com newsletter. You can enroll your contacts through the email marketing center of your Homes.com account.


Leads can’t convert if they can’t contact you. Make sure your name, phone number, email address, website link, brokerage, photo, and credentials are up-to date online. You can find your Homes.com profile information here. Log in and go to “My Profile” under the My Homes section of your apps menu.

Facebook Ads

When was the last time you created a new Facebook ad? Facebook is still one of the best and most cost-efficient ways to find new leads on social media, so clean up your social profile, make a landing page, and start advertising. If you need help with this, Homes.com’s Social Fuel program will create and manage Facebook ads on your behalf. Find out more.

Once you get your contacts and online presence organized to create more business, let us help you find your next client. Homes.com Preferred Listings sends you exclusive leads on your preferred listings so you can attract more buyers and sellers. Learn more here.

Hannah Graham

Hannah Graham

I joined Homes.com's support team in May 2012 before moving to marketing in 2015. In that time, my nieces have grown numerous and my two pups, Annabel and Aya have grown enormous!
Hannah Graham

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