Custom Categories + Relevant Emails = Better Results

When you have hundreds of contacts that you send regular correspondence to (like a monthly newsletter or open house invitations), a well organized contact list can have a powerful impact on your lead conversion rate. Start organizing your leads and contacts now so you can leverage them through focused email campaigns later.

Your Connect lead management system is preloaded with 15 categories you can use to organize your contacts. You can add any of your contacts to multiple categories, so take time this spring to make sure each of your contacts is grouped with the categories that make the most sense for their situation. Need a new category? No problem! Making categories is easy.

First go to the Setup section of the Leads and Contacts application in your Connect account and scroll down to “Manage Contact Categories.”

You can add a new category by entering it in the “Add New Contact Category” box and clicking save.

In this example, I added the category “First Time Buyers” for easy contact sorting when I want to send out a mass email for those specific contacts. You can see here how they show up within the contacts:

Once you have your category set up, you can send an email to everyone in the category through the Send Email section of your email marketing center.

From here, choose which contact categories you want to email by clicking “Select Recipients.” Then pick your preferred category from the Categories dropdown.

Have any questions about adding custom contact categories to your lead management system? Visit for help!

Kyle Beasley

Kyle Beasley

I've been with since 2014. I work on the Training Team and assist employees by teaching them about the plethora of solutions offers. My goals in life are to own more than 100 dogs/cats and to open an old animal sanctuary after I retire. My favorite color is grey, and I'm a Pisces.
Kyle Beasley

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