Instagram: Best Practice for Social Success
Since the beginning of the social media era, individuals and businesses alike have embraced their online presence and shared their journeys for the world to see. However, 2017 proved a challenging year for many networks when several saw a decline in social use, especially among major players like Facebook and Twitter. Despite this trend, one […]
3 Ways to Leverage New Instagram Stories Updates
Going social and sharing your “stories” online has become a normal part of your day. Social platforms, like Instagram, are constantly releasing new updates to their features in the hopes of gaining new users and retaining the ones already using their platform. In recent months, Instagram has taken a leap forward and is creating innovative […]
Instagram Updates that Help You Generate More Business
Agents and brokers beware; you’re in for a social media scare! Social sites like Instagram have launched a spook-tacular update that is frighteningly good for your social strategy and business! Read up to see how you can use them for your own trick or treat goodness this month!
2017 Contenders: Instagram’s Stories vs. Snapchat’s My Story
Right now social platforms are battling it out for who will be today’s heavyweight champion by adding the newest features and trying to drive traffic to their networks. This seems to be the “story” between two social platforms that share similar features: Snapchat and Instagram. When utilizing social media to drive leads to your real […]
More Updates from Instagram!
This week, Instagram released new enhancements to their My Story feature. Just two months ago, I called it the “B-movie version of Snapchat”. Well, I’m here to tell you Instagram has shed that skin and has throttled the My Story feature into A-list territory. Folks, Instagram was a content sharing and marketing dream before these […]